Heidi Conley Balayage | Balayage?
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Balayage is an ideal coloring technique for all kinds of hair tones and textures. Whether you’re after a boost to your blonde, or you want to add some caramel tones, you’ll love the end product that we can achieve with this unique approach. With years of skilled training, Heidi brings her artistic eye and skilled hands to each client, strategically placing highlights and lowlights. The result is hair contouring so natural that you will not only love your hair color more, you will also see yourself in a whole new light. Well placed highlights can be used in places you want to draw attention to, or areas of the face you want to lift upward. The result is a younger, fresher looking you.

Wondering how your favorite artists and models achieve that casual, sun-kissed, outdoorsy style? Balayage is the natural-looking and low maintenance way to get the fashion forward, bohemian styles you see on the runway. If you’re looking to try something new but afraid to commit to a new, high maintenance hair routine, balayage could be just what you’re looking for.